Empowering every energy storage enterprise.

Mission Statement

Liberty Ion aims to empower innovators in the battery industry by providing comprehensive support services that bridge the gap between groundbreaking ideas and market realization. Our mission is to facilitate the journey from concept to commercialization for battery technologies, by offering a robust suite of services including securing government grants, enhancing private fundraising efforts, expert patent writing, precise financial modeling, targeted customer development, rigorous technological evaluation, and cutting-edge prototype battery development.

Liberty Ion's founding team possesses extensive expertise in grant writing and management, particularly within the Department of Energy and Department of Defense domains.

Grant Writing & Award Management

Domestic Ownership

Liberty Ion is proudly a 100% domestically owned company, firmly dedicated to refraining from foreign investments by entities from high-risk countries.

Patent Drafting & Technology Assessment

At Liberty Ion, we offer a comprehensive range of services to support your company's technological endeavors. This includes assessing your technological profile, aiding in planning and drafting provisional patent applications, and skillfully negotiating technology transfer contracts.

Customer Development

Liberty Ion boasts an expansive and well-established network of industry connections within the battery sector. This invaluable resource equips us to actively contribute to your objectives, whether they involve forging partnerships upstream or downstream in the supply chain.

Research and Development Services

Liberty Ion is delighted to offer a comprehensive range of electrochemical and materials testing services. These services are valuable for internal assessments or can be shared with your customers as certified third-party validation.

Battery Prototyping

Through partners in Asia, Liberty Ion is happy to provide battery prototyping capabilities from 10Ah to more that 200 Ah for any chemistry, including but not limited to NCM, LFP, Li-rich, spinel with graphite or Si anodes, or even advanced chemistries such as sodium ion.

Procurement Services

Liberty Ion possesses extensive expertise in the global procurement of battery equipment, encompassing every step from selecting vendors and creating documentation to shipping, managing import duties, and overseeing the installation and commissioning process.